LOX Network End of Week Update | Sept. 23, 2022

With the British holiday earlier this week, we took some time to celebrate Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II life and the memories we made with our own families during her reign. That didn’t stop us from continuing to make progress as we march toward our ultimate goal of seeing Lox Network mainnet go live. We made our final test run of the MetaLox Reward Program and feel very confident in it’s official launch Oct. 1. For those who may still be unaware, we recently started a pilot program to reward token holders of the LOX ecosystem that, at least at the end result, feels...

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Lox Network End of Week Update | Sept. 16, 2022

Wrapping up another busy week! First off, we kicked off the MetaLOX Staking Program with tests drops for MetaLOX holders and then added LOX, SmartLOX and SmartNFT holders to the program. We ran all four reward drops simultaneously. That created quite a bottle neck. Apart from that, the operation ran flawlessly. We went back and tweaked the code to try again, but it’s simply not working as we originally hoped. Four scripts from a single location is causing issues, so daily rewards will run one after the other once we go live Oct. 1. Meaning, we’ll run the LOX script, then...

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LOX Network Start of Week Update | Sept. 12, 2022

Kicking off the week with some good news! Last update, we stated that we were considering adding LOX and the other Smart tokens to the MetaLOX rewards program after successfully evaluating the program’s start. Many in the community asked if it was possible for that idea to be scratched and simply start the program as soon as possible. You asked, we listened. LOX, SmartLOX and SmartNFT will be joining the MetaLOX reward program!This is a great opportunity to reap some amazing rewards just for holding tokens in the Lox Network ecosystem. LOX will start with a crazy 300% APY and...

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Lox Network End of Week Update | Sept. 9, 2022

Wrapping up another week as we head into the weekend! You may have seen the tweet on MetaLox earlier in the day. For those who missed it, please check it out! We feel it’s very exciting! We are coming up with an XRPL “staking” solution MetaLox holders. As you already know, XRPL is not a proof-of-stake network, does not have smart contracts and the hooks ammendment is still a proposal at this time. To work around this, we will use trustlines and snapshots. From a purely technical point-of-view, it’s a daily snapshot with a daily airdrop. From the holders’...

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Start of Week Update | Sept. 5, 2022

As we do every month following the AMA, this update will be brief. For those who haven’t seen the AMA, please feel free to check it out. We discuss some updates to the tokenomics and upcoming plans for MetaLox London! Expect to see updates on SoluLab’s progress by the end of the week and info on the remaining MetaLox airdrop trouble tickets. So far, we’ve only come across tickets where the MetaLox trustline was simply not input correctly or missing entirely, but we are going through each ticket that was submitted before August 19 to verify. Since the tickets...

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End of Week Update

Lox Network End of Week Update | Sept. 2, 2022

Ending the week with a brief update as the AMA with Lucas being scheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s AMA format will have a minor change as Lucas will address the questions left unanswered from the August AMA and post them as a pre-AMA of sorts. Originally, it was intended that all of these questions were to be answered throughout the month. However, as August rolled through seemingly quite quickly and the focus being set on the the bug discovered during testing, we inadvertently and regretfully left those unanswered questions hanging. That will be corrected in the next AMA. The questions...

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LOX Moves Closer to Launching its Hybrid Blockchain Protocol

Our SmartLOX security app is nearing completion… and now we’re turning our sights to the launch of our very own hybrid blockchain.  LOX Technology was founded with the ambitious aim of revolutionizing mobile security and combating the rise in mobile device theft worldwide. We’re leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create the world’s first global decentralized mobile device security network.  To help achieve this, we first developed the SmartLOX Mobile application. During development, however, a need for microtransactions — to help power SmartNFT functionality and...

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Tag and Trace: How Blockchain Is Improving Security

Blockchain tech is already being used in the food, fashion, and pharmaceutical industries to improve supply chains and its potential doesn’t end there. Blockchain is changing the game and a wealth of industries are already utilizing its track and trace capabilities to enhance efficiencies. Companies including Walmart, Microsoft, and Amazon are currently exploring blockchain applications, and investment in the nascent technology is growing steadily. Read on to discover the main industries taking notice of blockchain, as well as how LOX is set to use blockchain and microdot technology to...

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In what we thought would be a relatively slow week, SmartNFT briefly broke the $0.03 barrier and SmartLOX hit it’s all time high as well! Although it didn’t make it’s all time high, LOX did get on Bitrue’s Top 10 gainers list this week. In fact, the Lox Trio kept three spots in the Top 10 gainers list and each held their spot for more than 24 hours! This is fantastic news! Not only are early holders being rewarded for their patience, but it also means our work with the community’s help is getting solid traction on various social media platforms to gain some interest...

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