In what we thought would be a relatively slow week, SmartNFT briefly broke the $0.03 barrier and SmartLOX hit it’s all time high as well! Although it didn’t make it’s all time high, LOX did get on Bitrue’s Top 10 gainers list this week. In fact, the Lox Trio kept three spots in the Top 10 gainers list and each held their spot for more than 24 hours! This is fantastic news! Not only are early holders being rewarded for their patience, but it also means our work with the community’s help is getting solid traction on various social media platforms to gain some interest...

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Looking forward to this week, we passed the first stage of the Ripple Creator’s Grant and have advanced to the second round to join several other XRPL projects you may already be familiar with! We are humbled to be in consideration with other amazing XRPL teams! SoluLab Today, we begin our development with SoluLab to build the hybrid blockchain Lox Network. Our GitHub should go live this week as well for everyone to follow along with progress. Several dedicated teams from SoluLab will work with us on the LOX network hybrid blockchain, mobile app and the technical paper in parallel...

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END OF WEEK 05/11/2021

The highlight of this week comes with the launch of our validator on the XRPL. Lox Network is doing their part to pitch in and help keep the XRPL healthy and we encourage and willing to give pointers to every new team (and the old ones, too!) to have their own validators online. Please make sure to ask any of your other favorite teams if and when they plan to contribute to the ledger they are building their own success stories off of. SmartNFT and SmartLOX We have submitted the applications to both CoinMartketCap and CoinGecko for both SmartNFT and SmartLOX tokens. Both should go live shortly....

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